Woon Chul Yang
Steyn Skyler artist
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Steyn Skyler is a young upcoming artist from Amsterdam known for his detailed artworks inspired by nature and woman. Already from a young age, Steyn Skyler was creating sketches and started tagging walls in High School. Although he didn’t pursue a ...

James Jean
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James Jean (1979) has been creating his illustrations for more than two decades now, and his inspiration seems endless. Illustrations with worlds all created from his mind, in which you can lose yourself and keep looking at all the amazing colorful ...

Tonia Calderon
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Anything that anyone makes is important, whether it be the person making your coffee or the person fixing your sink. Everything is connected, and every form of creativity is important.”

Los Angeles based artist Tonia ...

Callen Schaub
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Callen Schaub

Callen Schaub is an artist from Toronto well known for his abstract spin paintings. By using acrylic ...

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Benjamin Cahillane, born in Hamburg, Germany, is known for his abstract expressionist work. Through his work as a consultant he travels to many different places around the world, and for him the beauty and movement of nature he

Margherita Dall Orso Art work
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In this interview we would like to introduce Margherita Dall’Orso, an emerging artist from the south of France. She defines her work as intuitive and abstract. Her paintings are a fascinating composition of different textures and mostly metallic hues ...

The beginning by James Chiew
Artwork Eliza de Geus
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In old Egypt the heart was the seat of emotion, thought, will and intention, and there was no distinction made between the mind and the heart. The heart was crucial to enter the afterlife and one of the stages was the weight of the Heart against the ...

Jesse Bransford Art
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Jesse Bransford is an artist and associate professor at NYU. His artworks are a creation from his research and profound knowledge on the subjects that formed his inspiration. With a passion for studying the mystical and occult, Jesse Bransford’s art ...


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