Artwork Eliza de Geus
Jesse Bransford Art
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Jesse Bransford is an artist and associate professor at NYU. His artworks are a creation from his research and profound knowledge on the subjects that formed his inspiration. With a passion for studying the mystical and occult, Jesse Bransford’s art ...

Carolina Gruner
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“My process of painting is completely intuitive, and the second I try to add something because my mind says it thinks it would look good, my creative flow stops.”

Him and Her by Eliza Gerie de Geus
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Heartfelt - /ˈhɑːtfɛlt/ adjective (of a feeling or its expression) deeply and strongly felt; sincere.

Heartfelt is used as an adjective, but what if it stood on its own? What if we are heartfelt? It would mean we are ...

Krzysztof Lozowski Water
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"Lets be children as much as its possible for us.”

Krzysztof Lozowski, was born in 1970 in Sosnowiec, Poland. Already as a child he became fascinated with art and started to paint when he saw his 12 year older ...


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